Critically analyze and evaluate Amazon Kindle and its innovativeness

You are required to write an analysis of a NEW product, service or process innovation. Your choice of innovation must have been announced, implemented or released to market since September 1st 2010. You should discuss:
a? why you consider your choice to be an innovation
a? the type of innovation (e.g. incremental, radical, other)
a? how the innovation originated
a? what factors are likely to contribute to its success (or otherwise)

Specific quality criteria:
a? A brief description of the situation preand postinnovation
a? With reference to the existing literature an analysis of the type of innovation, how it was originated, the process by which it was introduced and managed
a? Bibliography and references

General quality indicators:
a? Addresses the task/question set (Assignment Task and Specific Quality Criteria)
a? Shows understanding of theory/concepts (Innovation and Management of)
a? Clearly presented a rigorously argued and focussed analysis
a? Well structured, with appropriate introduction and conclusions
a? Shows independent thinking
a? Supports argument with clear and effective examples/evidence
a? Appropriate reference to relevant literature incl. reference list.

Higher marks will be awarded for:
a? Originality and creativity of thought
a? Quality of evidence supporting argument development and judgements
a? Sound underpinning conceptual frameworks
a? Critical evaluation of appropriate, relevant theoretical concepts
a? Appropriate illustrations and examples
a? Appropriate references
a? Clear and logical structure and communication.
Discussed the specific Innovation not just a description of a product
Used multiple sources: Literature and Net Research
Produced a Fluent Storyline/Narrative
Offered Balanced Critical Assessment (Strengths and Weaknesses)
Used Evidence or Reasoning than unsupported Opinion
(Opinion, where expressed, should be clearly indicated as such)
Considered Relevant Theory and/or evaluation Techniques
Offered Clear Presentation with Appropriate Figures or Pictures

literature and net research
use some reference from Tidd, J. and Bessant, J. (2009) Managing Innovation, 4th Edn., J. Wiley & Sons.