Critically and analytically interrogate the fundamental questions in social scientific research

You will be graded on the following:

1) COMPOSITION: grammar, syntax, spelling, organization
2) CONTENT: information & data
3) CREATIVITY: originality of approach and ideas
4) CRITICAL ANALYSIS: sociological imagination
5) CITATION: sources; references of each textbook, each film clip, online MOODLE posts, class lectures/discussion, bibliography/works cited -page.

Be a good craftsman; avoid any rigid set of procedures. Above all seek to develop and use the sociological imagination. Avoid fetishism of method and technique…Let every man be his own methodologist.”
(~C. Wright Mills)

In order to provide a critical analysis, in addition to sourcing your required readings, filma, lectures, & class discussion posts, your paper should enliven your Sociological imaginationand incorporate the concepts of ContextMeaning& Social reality(from lecture).

Your essay should critically and analytically interrogate the fundamental questions in social scientific research, What are the ways of knowing? and Why is it important to understand how we know what we know?in the sociological research process? Why do human beings pursue science? What is its purpose (or purposes)? As you explore these important and broad questions, consider all of the social, political, economic, spiritual, artistic, linguistic, personal, and sociological factors that make human beings knowledgeable. Take one Social issue(it could be one discussed in class or not), such as Suicide, Eating disorder, Alcohol addiction, Poverty, “2012 Presidential Election,Levels of education and religiosity, Divorce rates, Single-parent households, Age of marriage increaseing,etc. You can choose. If you arent sure what to select, you can browse your textbook or choose a current affair. Apply your sociological imagination to this social issue which may be personal for you as well. Examine it sociologically and then discuss how sociologically examining this issue is like or different from how you understood this topic previously.

Integrate the following concepts into your essay:

*social patterns*
*sociological imagination*
*pure vs. applied sociology*

You are required to cite all class sources from August 28th to September 27th):
1) Cite at least twice the syllabus
2) Cite at least once each lecture from August 28th to September 27th
3) Cite at least once all required readings from the Textbook between August 28th to September 27th
4) Cite at least once each video clip/film watched between August 28th to September 27th
5) Cite at least one email post sent to the class.