Critically appraise 5 articles then comape and contrast them

1The assignment is to critically appraise five articles. Then compare and contrast the similarities and differences of 2 or more aspects, entities, readings or ideas of the papers. I already did write the appraisal while ago, I have something urgent came up and I need you to continue the compare and contrast part.
2The whole paper is 1100 word limit, I passed the word limit already. Therefore, could you please tailor the words after you write the compare and contrast part? also, proofread and edit the whole paper and try to summarize it to fit in the 1100 word limit zone.
3Find one or two similarities and differences and write about them because of the word limit with brief conclusion drawn from the appraisal.
4I will upload the paper as well as the references in case you wanna look at them.
5the time limit is 3 hours and if you need more time I can only give TWO hours extra added to the deadline. So, let me know if you need that.