Critically assess the role of privacy in search engines, and discuss in reference to liberalism

you should engage with the theoretical literature on privacy; you should apply this to search engines; you should display awareness of the UK or European laws that regulate privacy; and, where relevant, demonstrate business perspectives on privacy. In general what I am looking for is the capacity to balance academic insight and understanding of privacy, with industry and legal awareness.I will give you a folder which includes two slides and one reading. you could get to understand the liberalism in week 7 slide.if you need, you could also use other privacy theory within that. In week 8 slide, you could get to know the laws about pricacy. and the reading within this folder is necessary to use in this essay. br /
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Your work should contain at least ten perfectly cited and used relevant academic references. At least four of these should come from peer-reviewed academic need use my usename which is cou019, and password is Lee11577 access to the Bangor University online library in the UK to find books and journals. there are a few journals which i recommend, Communication Research,European Journal of Communication, Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media,Media, Culture & Society, International Journal of communication, Culture Machine. and there is a book which is trust and new technologies:marking and management on the Internet and mobile media, in my Universitys online library and you need to use.