Critically consider the extent to which the Law of Intellectual Property meets the needs of modern society

Must refer to at least 4 areas of the intellectual property areas dealt with on the course namely: patents, copyright, trademarks and passing off. Reasonably equal treatment must be given to each area used. need to demonstrate evidence of wide research, attempt to deal with the title in a way which integrates the areas chosen for consideration rather then treating them in different sections as several mini essays and attempt to produce reasoned argument and analysis rather then merely describing. Needs of modern societies that can be considered is:
1)property rights and secure ownership of property. Provides a secure basis for a free society and encourages business investment
2)economic growth, increased wealth. Good for individuals, also allows for increased taxation and redistribution.
3)advancement of sciencerequires both in investment
4) Free speech, free expression, exchange of differing opinionspossibly based on prior speech which might be copyrighted?
5) Moral rights of the authorthe special link between artist/author and their creation.
6) Redistribution of wealth, social justice, protecting the vulnerable
One way to answer the question is to look at how each intellectual property right serves to advance or hinder the various needs of society.
footnotes and bibliography