Critically discuss the contribution of positivism to the study of society

This is a written essay on doesnt really need an argument, although you should critically discuss it with enough strong points and relevant details. Include the usual structure of an essay, such as, the introduction, the main body and the conclusion (long enough for a 2000 word essay. However, if it will diffuclt to write more when reaching 2000 words, its better you stop). The essay should include, a general background of positivism including its definition,its usefuleness to society/people and natural science/social science.Describe the works and theories of August Comte,Hebert Spencer,Emile Durkenheim and Charles Darwin related to positivism. You can include other philosophers but mainly these four stated. Also, compare positivism with the enlightenment in terms of similarities, although quite breifly and please dont digress into too much discussions about the enlightenment since our main topic is on should just be a slight comparison in terms of similarities. The contributions (advantages) and disadvantages should be discussed as well. then you can conclude beautifully.use simple english and words but let them be academic and standard. A lot of In-text citations are necessary, including a refernce list with the most current Harvard referencing style (as usual). However, i have a list of references given to me by my tutor.You may use them if you wish, including your own sources. here they are.

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The original list is pretty long to write but i hope the ones written above will be a bit helpful. thanks