Critically discuss the impact of boycotting campaigns on your chosen international company.

Although boycotting as a voluntary, anti-consumption behaviour has occurred for
decades, consumer groups are increasingly adopting boycotts as their favoured coercive
means of expressing their dissatisfaction against firms in the marketplace (Sen, GurhanCanli
and Morwitz, 2001). Boycotting campaigns against international companies are on
the increase constituting a real threat to companiesa internationalisation, and
competitiveness marketing activities. Using an example of your choosing, critically
discuss the impact of boycotting campaigns on your chosen international company.
This might include:
Your chosen companyas internationalisation.
Your chosen companyas competitiveness.
Your chosen companyas market entry strategy.
Your chosen companyas reaction to the boycotting as an environmental factor that
typically surprise international firms.
Choice of international company
You should choose a specific, named international company, in any industry that have been
boycotted in the past by any consumer group in any country in the world. It is probably
advisable to select an international company with good international presence: this should
facilitate gaining access to the type of information you will require. Research
The starting point for your research of academic sources will be the book chapters on the
course reading list. From these chapters, you should search for, review and discuss some of
the journal articles which are cited. Wider search may lead to additional academic (book and
journal articles) sources which are relevant for your essay.
You will also need to search for and review practitioner sources relating to the company you
have chosen to focus on. These sources might include company reports and websites,
company communications, practitioner journals, government/ industry/trade association
reports, reports from research agencies, specialised press and so on.
Start your essay with an Introduction in which you introduce the topic to be researched and
discussed, indicate the scope of your essay, and provide an outline of the structure of your
essay a i.e. what you are going to include.
Use some Headings so that your main sections are clearly identifiable. Numbering systems
are not necessary for essays.
You will develop your own structure for the essay and use the reference sources within that
structure to discuss particular issues, present research findings and other evidence.
This particular essay is likely (suggestions) to include sections on:
i · definitions of and types of consumers boycotting;
i · consideration of how the boycott impact your chosen international company. Thus,
your lectures can help identify areas of possible impact as well as your analysis of the
chosen boycott in relation to your chosen company; consideration of key strategic elements that may have been impacted by the boycott;
i · evaluation of the above with reference to the company you are researching.
There is no prescriptive framework/structure: you should decide for yourself.
You could review and discuss all your academic literature sources first, and then follow this
with a section in which you describe and evaluate the activities of your chosen company.
Alternatively, you could introduce your company early on in the essay and then throughout
the essay integrate theory and practice, for example:
. after you have explain boycotting, consider how your company faced it;
. following a review of the internationalisation, competitiveness or marketing activities,
consider how these apply to your international company;
. explain what strategic elements have been impacted by the boycott and how your
company tries to avoid or managed them;
. integrate theory about international marketing with the ways in which your company
deals with consumer boycotts.
Remember to include a brief Conclusion in which you summarise the key findings from your
research and discussion. You may wish to include comments about possible concerns/issues
for the future.