Critically discuss the skills and qualities mentors need to be effective in their role

level 6 degree level

PRED Learning Outcome
Paragraph and page number of relevant passage(s) within essay
Demonstrate the ability to establish effective working relationships

Supply evidence towards the facilitation of learning within the practice environment.

Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of their individual accountability in relation to the assessment of students within the practice setting.

cDemonstrate and provide evidence of their ability to evaluate the learning offered to students and identify ways in which this may be improved as a result of evaluation.

Demonstrate and provide evidence in terms of creating a successful learning environment for learners, including how this might be enhanced.

Demonstrate and provide evidence of how the practice context can be applied to learners through, for example inter-professional opportunities

Demonstrate awareness and provide evidence as to how evidence based practice can be used to support learners in the practice setting by, for example, supporting students in applying evidence to their own practice.
Demonstrate and provide evidence of leadership in relation to supporting learners in practice by, for example providing a series of learning opportunities to meet the studentas defined learning needs.

The assignment will enable the student to demonstrate their critical understanding of their accountability and individual responsibility as a mentor. A choice of assignment questions are available to allow Student Mentors to respond to a specific area of interest, relevant to their learning environment and profession whilst critically exploring key issues related to practice based learning. The assignment is a level 6 (degree level) piece of academic work and as such students need to be able to write at this academic level.
Assignment titles:

A· Critically discuss the skills and qualities mentors need to be effective in their role

These titles MUST be related to your own area of clinical practice

my area of clinical practice is ophthalmology (eye casualty)