Critically evaluate englishs laws approach to the issue of marriages between persons of the same sex

*pls include the following resources (updated newspaper,legislation,cases)
*be critical–compare and contrast confliciting views within the reference /challenge arguments on the conflicting evidence cited
*I am not sure whether the gournds on void/voidable marriage/C.P would be relevanta¦please consider

these articles were suggested reading, please accommodate them as much as possible in the essay, also include any other updated references:

*N.Bamforth, The benefits of marriage in all but name?aa same-sex couples and Civil Partnership Act 2004 a? [2007] 19 CFLQ 133
*R.Deech, a?Civil Partnershipa [2010] Fam Law 468
*R,Probert, a?Hyde v Hyde: defining or defending Marriage?a [2007] 19 CFLQ 322
*Wilinson v Kitzinger & ors [2006]