Critically evaluate some central concepts in Gestalt and transactional analysis linked to your own personal experience of imagery and the arts.

Can use sub headings or not. Clear introduction ie: what I am to talk about, main theories and arts, how I am going to address, and how I am going to explore…..(No more than 300 words for introduction and 300 for the conclusion) Main body of essay The purpose of this essay is to show one principle concept of each thoeries in detail and briefly 4 other elements of each. Describe the theory by how I( or other) may have worked with a practical. Describe the practical arts used. ie; sand art, painting, body movement…

Please use only very short quotes from each book , sprinkled throughout the essay where appropriate ie; no more than a short sentence a quote, including page nos !( no more than 15 quotes in total)
Bring in actual experience of the arts from at least page 3 of your discussion, which means integrating theory with creative arts examples.
The conclusion should not casually mention concepts/ideas/conclusions that have not been part of the main body essay.

Examples of personal/ life experience needs to be linked to the theoretical concepts and themes.

It may be useful to compare critically one or two theories from different psychological models, from the evidence of the experience.
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