Critically evaluate the sustainability of apples competitive advantage

* This is an individual assignment weighted 100% of module marks
* The assignment is based on analysis of recent strategy for a case organisation.
* Students are required to do their own secondary research focused on the recent developments for the case organisation and industry in order to answer the assignment question.
* Assignment should be written in the form of a report using appropriate headers, sub-headers etc.
* Word Limit is 3000 +/10% not including diagrams or references
* Assessment criteria will include:
1. Relevant research content
2. Appropriate application of strategic concepts, ideas and analytical tools
3. Evidence of synthesis and critical thinking
4. Focus, structure and logic of argument leading to clear conclusions and recommendations
5. Appropriate writing style and accurate academic referencing

Case Organisation: Apple

Please read attached case study as useful background context.

Assignment Question

Critically Evaluate how well placed Apple is to sustain its recent success in the Consumer Electronics Industry.

Students could adopt a number of different approaches but are advised to develop a critical argument in depth and detail. For example, students could consider focusing on the following:
a? The extent to which changes in the competitive environment have changed to provide Apple with a more robust competitive battleground.
a? Strategic Decision Making Post Steve Jobs how far has the organisational environment and framework, that Jobs enabled, continued under the new leadership team
a? Three Dimensional Strategic Analysis a Financial Strength, Relative Market Share, Relative Market Strength
a? How well do Apple understand the Industry CSFas
a? First mover and first mover advantage
a? Product / Process Innovation
a? Sustaining Competitive Advantage a How well placed is Apple to sustain its long term competitive advantage a the rise of Xiaomi in China

Above is the assignment question and the instruction note that i have been given. The report should consists of 3 main parts.
part1-talking about the recent position of apple in customer electronics industry now. you can also use generic strategic to answer the question
part2-talking about how can applesustain in this industry.Please use the appropriate approach for the analysis apple situation and to summarize this part you need to use TOWS(SWOT backwards) to sum up all information from this part.And from this analysis you move to the final part
part3-this final part is conclusion and recomendations. its important that you need to answer the assignment question Yes or No (apple is well placed ?)

please contact me if you need more information and i will also send the example of past work for you.