cross-cultural influences the kinds of HRM strategies between china and Austrelia

please followe what the dr ask us to do down between bracits , also i wish if all the refrensece are journal articl no books or internet please 15 journal articl will be fine it should be from HRM prespective and her is what dr ask us to do :-

A research paper (essay) on: “Discuss how cross-cultural issues might influence the kinds of HRM
strategies that can be used in a particular place.” For this purpose you may choose to compare your
own home country (or some other country) with somewhere else, as the basis of the cross-cultural issues
you talk about. For example you may choose to compare what we sometimes term “Western” styles of
HRM and explain how these would need to differ from your chosen country and why. Your choice must be
pre-approved by your Lecturer. You need to examine the literature on cross-cultural issues and HRM
strategies and in respect of the cultures of the countries you choose to compare plus All of the above assignment choices must be written in accordance with conventional academic
standards in terms of citation of sources and must display a relevant literature review as well as a critical
understanding of the issues covered. A full list of references at the end, properly cited, is also expected.
The reference list will not be counted in any word count.
No matter which of the above choices is made, industry project report or research paper, a word count
must be shown on the front cover of the assignment.
Your assignments will also be judged according to their addressing appropriately the key issues of ethics
and social responsibility in HRM using a custom-designed learning rubric