Cs analysis of The StormBy Kate Chopin

using MLA style throughout for citation
at least 3 teacher approved sources
-only one has to be from a web-only source.
We have to write about our own interpretation of the 6Cs analysis of The StormBut mostly write about sources that you are going to find, analyze their 6Cs analysis. How helpful is the 6Cs (character, contrast, conflict, complication,climax and conclusion) in order to analyze a story. In this paper i have to interpret other writers 6Cs analysis on The stormby Kate Chopin.
-Be advised that No source may be from Schmoop”, HeliumStudent-generated sites, Notes”, “-pediasources, or any other non-college level source.
-*Please the Cited page should provide me with real college level sources so im able to find it on the internet because when i turn my paper to my prof. i need to download the sources as well and submit them together with this paper.