CSE ENGLISH LITERATURE: Explore how the parent/child relationships are shown in two poems On my first sonne and The song of the old mother.

essay should be upto 1000 words. Please pay attention to the uploads i have sent you, especially the poem essay questions and grade guidelines. It is very important to use the PEEDL rule which stands for point, evidence, explain/effect, detail/development and link for essay questions, for example, must use some of the actual texts from poems to point out relationship between parent and child, provide evidence, explanation with detail and link it to the POETRY ESSAY PLAN QUESTIONS which is ACTUAL FINAL WRITTEN WORK to be completed. The tables and questions form the poem booklet pages 1-7 are there to assist in the final work, so it is highly advisable to make notes on them to help with final essay piece.

Referencing Requirements:
A poem booklet is provided from teacher to complete this work. I have sent you nine sources which have been uploaded into my order info for you to complete this work.