Cultural consideration of Death and Dying

Korean cultural consideration of death and dying.

1. Introduction: In your introduction, you will set the stage for the culture you picked(i picked Korean culture). You will briefly give an overview of the culture and its place in the world and history of the time it resides. (5 points)
2. Body of the paper: At a minimum, you should provide the following information here, though this is just a start. This section is worth 10 points, so consider carefully the depth contained here.
o Description how your culture approaches death and dying.
o Explain the unique concepts that surround the Korean cultures concepts of death and dying.
o Present death and dying rituals used in your chosen culture.
3. Conclusions: What did you learn about this culture? Do you see any similarities with how Americans approach death and dying? (Remember: This is a conclusion section, not a summary section. In a summary, you just concisely repeat what was in the paper. In a conclusion, which this is, you come to some decisions about what you wrote in the paper. They are not the same thing. So, take care when writing this last section.) (5 points)
minimum of five references,You may use your textbook (Dennis, D. (2009). Living, dying, grieving. Sudbury, MA: Jones and Bartlett) and other readings.
The references can be older than 5 years old, because this is a look at another culture, even ancient cultures, but they must come from peer reviewed journals and must be scholarly. Websites can be used, but they must be carefully evaluated for their source. Wikipedia is not acceptable as a reference.
APA styles 5 pages is not included abstract,reference pages.
Thank you.