Cultural diversity is somehow a benefit in advertising industry

It is a design student thesis which have to demonstrate and explores an
argument support by literal review, contents page,introduction,
and bibliography.

P.S i uploaded my proposal doucment that i have done in a early stage.
wich it may help for understanding my idea so far i want to work on my
And, it s actually about i believed in limitations (such as deadline,
client….)is somehow the benefit and inspiration for the design
process.But as far as my tutor feedback it was a too board topic. So
now i
want to more concentrate on cultural diversity in advertising. As it is
claimed by someone that everthing can work universally, but yet
cant. Here is some quotes i think people are able to operate on a
global as well as a local basis. Sherwood is convinced that
has to lead people, when advertising just recognises that people arent
very sophisticated, it becomes rather crude and simplistic.Really
communication is about giving people a point of view.