Cultural Norm Assignment cultural anthropology using book by carol r. ember Melvin Ember

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**To start this assignment, it would be helpful to have read nearly all of Ch. 1-4 in your text, and completed any MyAnthroLab viewings (slideshows, videos) listed on your schedule. In addition, the American Anthropological Association website has some great info on anthropology and culture in general (

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In the first few chapters of your text (Ch. 1 & 2 in particular), you are introduced to the discipline of anthropology, and its emphasis on a?culturea?. We define culture as a a?set of learned and shared behaviors and beliefs, among a groupa. This definition goes way back to a famous anthropologist, Ed B. Tylor (read about him in Ch. 3). Ch. 2 (p. 23) elaborates on the idea of culture as integrated (not random) a so think about how that applies to American culture. Chapter 1 has some great general statements about culture, and there are some important terms in Ch. 2, including: norms, ethnocentrism, and cultural relativism. Anthropologists go out to do a?ethnographic fieldworka? (especially to indigenous cultures a see definition of indigenous in MyAnthroLab) and look for the modal behaviors of the group (p. 22) we can see these modal behaviors (as cultural norms) in our own society too. See that Ch 9, in particular, stresses the concept of a?Enculturationa? see p. 156 a and the role it plays in creating norms.



For the first part of the assignment:
*Iad like you to discuss a?culturea? and the component/characteristics that you felt were most important (as you read these chapters). Be sure to talk as an anthropologist would use your new a?anthro vocaba?!
*Why must cultural anthropologists have a good understanding of what culture is and how it works before we can go and do fieldwork (especially with an indigenous culture)? Be specific!


1. Pick ONE setting! Go to an area where you can observe a?cultural normsa. Some great places: library, cafeteria, mall, doctoras office, grocery store, restaurant, etc.

2. Observe 2 cultural norms in this ONE SETTING and then describe them a why are they norms? What purpose do they serve? How do they connect to the larger idea of a?American culturea??

3. Then choose one norm in this setting and purposefully break this norm.

4. Tell what happeneda¦including others reactions (what were the consequences?).

5. How did you feel before, during, and after this experiment about breaking the norm? What did you learn about a?cultural normsa? and their function?

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