Cultural phenomenon in African-American History from the Colonial Era to Reconstruction

Hi, this assignment is my final project. It will be based on an African american individual. I have choose Harriet Tubman. I will provide the information based on the assignment my professor requests. Thank you

Assignment: you will need to research a significant individual, organization, event, and or cultural phenomenon in African-American History from the Colonial Era to Reconstruction. (Examples of such possibilities include Frederick Douglass, the formation of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, the development of the music or dialects of African-Americans during slavery, etc.) In presenting your chosen subject, you will need to provide a little bit of background information on your subject (i.e. who or when the person or event was active, what impact did the subject have on the evolution of African-American history and/or culture, why the chosen subject is significant to current developments in American and African-American history and/or culture. You will also have to briefly explain why you made that particular selection.

The person I have choose is Harriet Tubman, so please see how she had an impact of the evolution on African american history.