Culture and communication in the global hospitality workplace

Extra Credit:

You also have the opportunity to gain up to 50 points by submitting an essay regarding a topic of your choosing that is related to the course material. Please follow APA style for writing for references, of which you will need at least three industry references (trade/journal/Web site) or academic references (from refereed, academic journals) other than the textbook. Also use 12 point Times New Roman with one-inch margins all around, single-spaced. The essay must be at least 600 words, organized into at least four strong paragraphs logically and succinctly written, and must be submitted through the Turn-It-In system. Please do not pad your essays with sentences that serve no purpose other than to achieve the 600 word count. Please be aware that if I cannot follow the logic of your writing due to any serious or glaring grammatical errors, the essay may be penalized, as this is a business course and proper written communication will only become more important to your scholastic, and especially your professional, careers. Accordingly, please proofread your work. Details are below:

o The due date is July 8th, 2015 before midnight.

o The Turn-It-In software (explained previously) will show errors in sentence syntax and structure. The essays will be primarily graded on the depth and organization of your content. Again, any essay with a Turn-It-In report of more than 25% of unoriginal material will NOT be accepted.
o THE CATCH: If you choose to do the essay, you must commit to it before the end of the first week of class. You must let me know that you are going to write the essay and use the Extra Credit Essay Topic drop box to submit your topic you wish to write about by June 12th. The window of opportunity to take advantage of this extra credit closes by midnight on June 12; no student will be allowed to submit an essay for extra credit if he or she has not informed me of the topic by this date using the dropbox on WebCampus. The topic MUST BE SET IN THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY. You MAY change your topic after youve initially picked a topic and informed me!
o THE OTHER CATCH: If you do NOT complete the extra credit essay after you have committed to it, you will lose 10 points from your final point total for the class.

Important writing note: For your extra credit essay, and especially your research paper, please know that when you use quotes from your sources, it counts against your Turn-It-In Originality Report. So please use quotes sparingly!!! You can judge for yourself if over 25% of your text is in quotes. If it is, please re-write before submitting it. I reward original thought in your writing. Personal/professional experiences are a definite plus!