Culture and the service users experience

effective introduction with rationale given for the choice and context of client(10%)

Brief, relevant history of specific healthcare needs

defining of culture and identification of relevant theories(10%)

identification of how was collected and presentation of findings(20%)

Discussion of how the users experience may or may not fit with theory/literature(25%)

Evaluation of cultural aspects of care and relevance of practice.

you are required to identify a specific client and provide a vivid but non-judgemental description of his or her personality, family, cultural and social background(include employment, education, housing etc)

provide a brief outline(no more than 200-300 words of the basis of their need for health care (i.e pregnancy or other specific physiological condition hightlighting only those aspect that may have implications for ther cultural and social health and well-being.

Define how you are using the notion of culture for the purpose of the assignment. eh what evidences and research did you use to dsecribe and analyse the client cultural perspectives, needs and any other factors that might influence their understanding and interpretation of health, illness and treatments.

how did you gather the evidence? evidence here must include the clients own narratives.

what were your findings? for example, how did the user describe their experience and how did their story fit with what you observed in practice? how did it fit with theory you have read? were they seen as difficult or good clients by the practitionerif so on what grounds and how might this be explained?

you should develop a discussion of the assessment of the persons
this essay is about providing a convincing description and analysis of the cultural meaning and impact of a health condition, illness or childbearing for a specific person and if appropriate their partner or carer. you will be expected to develop a case study that identifies how particular cultural and social factors may give rise to different interpretations of what is normal and acceptable. once a client has been selected who agrees to participate with you in your study

actual and potential cultural needs with reference to a a specific theorectical perspective that has been introduced in the module e.g social class and effects on health or the impact of illness on the family. As far as possible, use the evidence of the client own words to provide a more vivid insight of the clients view and to give a robust basis for your own analysis and discussion.

how were these cultural needs addressed? if they were not, or only partially met say so and describe in what way you feel they might have been better achieved.

offer a conclusion with some indication of how your experience of this particular persons needs have informed your practice and evaluate your own interactions and experience with the client and their carers
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