Culture, Politics and Globalization)Sex Tourism

(1) Here are two themes from the course:

(i)Labour migration and Gender (ii)Sex work

(2)By combining these two themes, here is the own topic:

Sex Tourism

(3) Pose a question that will help you better understand how identity is constructed in the specific context of your topic:

How are these people represented and how do they represent themselves in the face of globalization?

You might want to keep these in mind:

Provide AT LEAST ONE definition of globalization from the READINGS. You can ask whether globalization is a new phenomenon. What are some of the assumptions and limitations of such a definition of globalization for example?

Examples or case studies from the readings have to be woven into your argument in providing context for how anthropologists have analyzed these processes of globalization.

Marks will be distributed along these general guidelines:

(1) Essay Structure / General Content (12 marks)

Does the paper have a clearly identified thesis statement? Is the argument convincing? Does your argument demonstrate a strong grasp of the course material? Have you shown a general understanding of the anthropological concepts and debates? Have you presented your analysis clearly and concisely? Is your paper organized logically and consistently?

(2) Critical Analysis (8 marks)

This essay provides you the opportunity to THINK about what the articles have taught you and what the authors have said. Apart from describing the arguments and examples of others, you should be able to tell the reader what you make of these readings? What questions or issues do these readings raise in your mind?

It is perfectly fine to agree or disagree with the authors conclusions, but you have to justify / explain why. This is an opportunity for you to evaluate, analyze and critically consider the readings.

The more insightful and sophisticated your argument, the higher your mark will be.

(3) Good use of Ethnographic Examples and Case Studies (8 marks)

Have you supported your thesis argument sufficiently with relevant materials, ethnographic examples and case studies? Are they appropriate and relevant? Are the ethnographic examples well applied in making your argument?

(4) Format / Spelling / Grammar (1 mark)

Is your essay formatted correctly (i.e. spacing, page numbers, name)? Have you written a grammatically correct essay? Is your paper free of spelling errors? Is your paper free of punctuation errors?

(5) Sources & Referencing (1 mark)

Have you made good use of the course materials? Have you selected relevant sources? Are your sources referenced properly in your essay and in your works cited? Have you met the required number of references?

You are expected to have a minimum of 6 references, of which 3 have to be from the compulsory readings. (I will upload the course material and readings later)