Culture,power,globalisation and inequality

read this text and make out an essay. Longhurst et al. (2008). Introducing cultural studies. Ch.3, pp. 58-65.

” First, you need to say IN YOUR OWN WORDS what the reading is about by SUMMARISING AND EXPLAINING its meaning. Think about the following things:
o What do you think the main point(s) are?
o Identify any key words, terms, and concepts used.
o Explain how these are defined and used in the extract.
o Consider what bearing they have on the main point(s).
o Overall, what is the extract getting at and how does it do it?
o Do this briefly, in about 200-250 words.

” Second, you need to provide a CRITICAL DISCUSSION of the ideas in the extract, by considering them further. Think about the following:
o What do you think is/are the key point(s) in the reading?
o Explain what makes it key.
o What evidence and arguments are used to support it?
o Assess these arguments by considering alternative views and/or other ways of thinking about them.
o To help with this draw on other material from this module, such as lectures, seminar discussions, and ESPECIALLY WIDER READING.

The following criteria will be used when marking the assessment:

” Knowledge and understanding  clarity of outline, account and definitions of theories and concepts
” Analysis  level of critical engagement and sophistication of argument
” Structure and style  ability to structure answer clearly and with a sense of development.
” Presentation  correct use of academic referencing, quotation and general layout.

Discussion of the readings in the seminars will provide you with the opportunity to get feedback on your knowledge and understanding, and your level of critical engagement with theories and concepts deployed in the reading, and this help you to better prepare for the assessment you will be submitting. In addition, the last seminar provides you with the chance to get some feedback on the essays themselves provided that you are sufficiently advanced with them to bring drafts along to the seminar.

Referencing/ Bibliography.
It is standard academic practice and expectation that all assessed work should include proper referencing and a bibliography in an accepted format. You are expected to do so for this assessment.

Please use the Harvard Style of referencing.

DEADLINE: Wednesday 14th January 2008.
Barker, C. (2008). Cultural studies. Ch.5.
Lewis, J. (2008). Cultural studies. Ch.10.
Brian Longhurst et al. (2008). Introducing cultural studies.