Current and future challenge air pollution globaly and gulf countries(public health)

I need the references first that my supervisor can see it and I need the work chapter by one supervisor can give his comment

Added on 13.03.2015 18:29
Hi there
The work will be literature review about current and future challenge air pollution globally and gulf countries(public health) especially more Kuwait after the invasion from Iraq and what happen to the weather (air pollution) in this time , the key word looking forward my supervisor ( Air pollution , Gulf war , Kuwait) ,
please you will found two files to help you with work the first draft I have to handle in 14th April 2015 finally I need from you please the work chapter one by one that can my supervisor give his comment . I hope I been clear what I want please if you have any question do not hesitate

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The deadline 8th of May 2015

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please i need the file to be more professional ( form and arrange ) that i can submit it , Thank you