Current issue facing australia business resulting from the recently introduced carbon tax (energy)


1. title Page (1 mark)
2, Executive Summary (2 marks)
3. table of Contents (2 marks)
4. introduction (5 marks)
This section introduces the topic/ issue and the scope of
the report (i.e. what areas will be discussed in the report.
5. Background (5 marks)
For this section you must be brief and to the point. Use
your own words in describing the company. Dont just
reproduce the case here.
6. Aspects or lssues & Problems (5 marks)
ln this section, you should identifythe issues relating to
the topic and the associated wide range of aspects or
problems, and then nominate the key issues and aspects
or problems you will focus on. From there, in the sections
below, analyse and make recommendations on only the
key aspects or problems you have chosen to address.
7. Discussion (Critical Analysis) (30 marks)
Your discussion or critical analysis of the issues and
aspects or problems must be supported by material
from the literature and theoretical concepts (e.9. journal
articles, othertexts, readings, etc)*. You should ask
yourself the questions Why? Why does this issue or
problem exist? What does the literature say about how
the issue or problem can be addressed?
Also, the depth of your understanding is shown by your
ability to relate theory and practice. Hence, you should
support your analysis with examples or case
study/studies. Ask yourself: ls there a case study to
illustrate why this issue or problem is a concern?
8. Recommendations (20 marks)
Again, these must be appropriately supported by the
literature”. What recommendations does the literature
make? Do they relate to this case? Why or why not?
You may have some of your own. Thats fine but you
must acknowledge the ones from the literature. Also, you
must make recommendations only for those problems
you have identified. Your report must all aliqn issues,
problems, analysis, recommendations and
Your choice of recommendations demonstrates your
understanding of the problems/opportunities to improve.
You must convince management to adopt your
recommendations (i.e.sell them to management).
9. lmplementation Plan (10 marks)
Your plan for implementino each of your
recommendations should include activities and
timelines for each recommendation, and must be
plausible. Again, you must convince management to
adopt your implementations plan (i.e. sell it to them).
10. References (10 marks)
Acknowledgement of sources of information is important.
Your report should be supported by the theory and so,
references to the literature. These references should be
cited appropriately within the context of your report.
Fufther, at the end of your report, you must provide a
reference list (using correct APA referencing style). The
list must include all references cited in text. Referencing
not only shows that you have researched the subject
matter, but also that you are not plagarising.
11. Presentation (10 marks)
Grammar, punctuation, expression and presentation
must be of a high standard; Jackets and ties are very
important in todays world of business writing. Also,
structure of report, including Table of Contents, various
sections (Executive Summary, lntroduction +
Conclusion), and page numbers.
TOTAL (Assignment has a 30% weighting)
*Using the APA referencing style, you must provide appropriate theoretical support for what you write. That is,
you must clearly distinguish between your ideas, others ideas adapted to your own, and ideas taken from the
literature as verbatim quotations. Literature citations must be relevant, and alphabetically listed (one list
only please) in the reference list. There must be less than 20% copying or cut and paste from any source
Presentation of Report : 10 point font; single line spacing; standard left and right margins, ideally double side copied . APA referencing style;All pages MUST be numbered . Approx 1.500 words and Business-style report (with various sections) . Must be written in report style, showing sound logic in your reasoning
Draft Copy:
A draft copy of the report must be handed in during class in week 4. lf no draft copy is handed in then the
final assignment may not be accepted, or may have the mark reduced by 30%.
Assiqnment Topic:
the assignment must be written about a current issue facing Australian business resulting from the recently introduced Carbon Tax in ENERGY
There are NO Other choices or option
and i choose energy so write about energy please