Current management issues in the real world

II. Individual Paper (15%)

For better understanding current management issues in the real world, students are required to write a paper that develops their own opinions and perspectives on current issue(s) in management. Students are to choose an appropriate information source (e.g., newspaper, business magazine) which depicts one or more of the managerial topics covered in class this term. Watch the video, read the books, or complete another appropriate activity, conduct additional research into your area of interest, develop our own opinions of the management topic(s) you uncover, and share your perspective in a written reflection.

The main objectives of this exercise are to:

(1) Help develop the students ability to appropriately interpret and analyze real-world management issues appearing in the business press, based on what is learned in class.

(2) Evaluate the students applicability of materials from the textbook and class discussions to the article.


1. Select a source for writing a paper.

2. Include the following elements in the paper:
a. Begin with an introduction – get the readers attention, explain the importance or relevance of the topic, and discuss why it is meaningful to you.
b. Provide a detailed description of the activities you pursued in completing this paper.
c. Provide a detailed description(s) of the general topic(s) you are emphasizing
i. Be sure to include all relevant information supporting your opinions, including any relevant models, theories, or other evidence.
ii. Include other relevant information that helps support your points –these may include such things as values, goals, objectives, and future direction.
d. Discuss how your topic is currently used or ignored by todays businesses.
e. Demonstrate how the concepts you have learned regarding your topic should be applied in todays organizations.
i. Show strengths and weaknesses of the current situation.
ii. Give recommendations for future application (s).
iii. Be specific and give examples.
f. End with a conclusion—summarize your main points

3. Assume your audience has little knowledge of the topic

4. Your paper should be logically ordered and professional in appearance.

For this assignment, students should submit a 3-4 page (typed, single-spaced) paper, plus a separate cover sheet and reference page (with a minimum of 5 cited references) using either APA or MLA style. Submissions must be printed on standard paper (8.5 x 11), have one inch margins all around, using 12-pt. font size

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