Current operations-based a?customera issue of a SME in Southern England region

You are to prepare a briefing report addressing a current operations-based a?customera issue.(only one issue). Within the report, you are to provide evidence of your investigations into the issue, identify the challenges that the issue poses and propose relevant solutions/recommendations that are relevant and appropriate to the evidence presented.

Your target audience will be management personnel of local SMEas within the Southern England region. They will be interested in current research, both industry related as well as relevant academic research.

You can identify a particular company and/or a sector; however, you must ensure that the focus of your briefing report should be within the field/industry that you are studying as part of your course.(international business management)

If the focus of your a?customera issue relates to a particular company, then you must ensure that the briefing report is written in such a way that it will be of interest and of relevance to other SMEas. Furthermore, this cannot be a company that you may have previously used( Tesco and Cavendish hotel used), nor an issue that you have previously investigated.(hospitality and zero contacts used)