Current problem in juvenile justice and related programs

read a media piece exploring comparative juvenile justice: the notion of studying juvenile justice in other countries in order to borrow strategies that are likely to work in our system. Can systems used in other countries be successfully employed in this country? Are other systems close enough to ours that we would expect to implement programs with similar success? Alternatively, are foreign systems too disparate to suggest that successful adoption of their juvenile justice programs would be successful?

submit your final paper. In the paper, you report the results of your research of a current problem in juvenile justice and related programs, and you suggest an innovative way to apply a program toward the problem.

Identify and evaluate advanced social and legal issues relating to juvenile justice.
2.Evaluate the theoretical and empirical literature relating to juvenile offender programs designed to address a current juvenile justice issue or problem.
3.Analyze the historical development of the juvenile justice system.
4.Analyze the multi-variant etiology of delinquency.
5.Construct an innovative and progressive program of prevention or rehabilitation for juvenile offenders.