Current religious issue of teaching creationism in public schools

Write an essay of 1,500a 2,000 words that explores the current religious issue of teaching creationism in public schools. I will upload the lecture overview and text reading assignment to assist . Please make sure this is in APA format using clear and concise graduate level writing.
The essay must include:
1. Discuss the debate around the issue, explaining both sides. Outline the ethical issues that become most prevalent.
...I would suggest talking about how schools teach evolution because it is scientific, but there are also pros (along with cons) in exposing students to what creationism is, as it will allow them to be more culturally aware of those who believe in creationism.
2. Describe how your school has addressed this issue and what has worked and what has not worked with regard to dealing with the issue. If your school has not dealt with this issue, describe how it might be addressed if it were to arise. (I will have a few notes on this in my upload)
3. Cite case law to substantiate your discussion of how the issue should be addressed. Examples of current issues include the Under Godin the Pledge of Allegiance (see Newdow v. U.S. Congress et al.(2002); West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette,(1943), teaching the Ten Commandments or evolution in the schools, and using school vouchers to fund private religious