Current state-of-the-art in one of the EECS

Write a 2000-word essay that discusses the current state-of-the-art in one of the EECS
topic areas discussed during the EECS 1 lectures (electronic circuit design, antennas/microwaves,
programming, DSP, communications, software systems, hardware systems, chip design, semi-
conductors, optoelectronics, etc).
 What are new developments in the eld that will in
uence future designs?
 What new applications related to electrical or computer engineering will be coming in
the next decade?
 Possible application areas to consider: transportation, energy (smart grid), robotics,
quantum computing, biomedicine, military, environmental modeling, communications
 Possible sources: IEEE Spectrum, IEEE Proceedings, EE Times, Wired, Scienti c
American, EDN, Electronic Design, Sensors, RF Design, other IEEE and ACM pub-
lications (there are many IEEE and ACM magazines within each subdiscipline that
have tutorial articles)
Your paper will be graded for content, spelling and grammar.