Current thinking in cbt regarding the therapeutic relationship and some criticisms from an existential viewpoint

A brief overview/ explantion about the principles of CBT is fine, but please DO NOT make the essay an explantion about the principles of CBT. The essay MUST focus on the therapeutic relationship in CBT. This relationship is different from the type of relationship that an existential practitiOner would seek to create.

I will send you the names of some articles that relate to the CBT relationship. I will send them within 1-2 days.
References from journal articles about CBT would be best. Must mention Beck also.

Regarding references about the existential approach, the main books are, van Deurzen-Smith/Everyday Mysteries, van Deurzen/ Existential counselling and Practice, Spinelli/Interpreted World.. Also anything by Hans Cohn.

References must be cited at the end of the essay. Within the essay they must be written like this (van Deurzen 1988, p25). Page numbers are preferable wherever possible.