Customer adoption of online banking in the UK in the period 2005 to 2010

your task is to write a report that offers an exploratory analysis of how customers currently perceive and use online (internet) banking. Your tasks are:

1. Using a range of up to date secondary data sources, you need to:
” summarize what the sector patterns are in terms of the overall adoption of internet or mobile banking in the UK and what the current policies of the four main retail banks in the UK are in terms of both investment in online banking technology and promotion of online banking to customers.

” summarize some of the recent consumption patterns in internet banking. For instance, to what extent is internet banking now the primary approach to managing banking transactions for some customers or to what degree are other customers less trusting of internet banking. This needs to be your own explanation

Section 1 needs to be your own explanation, in your own words, with comparison of ideas and structured paragraphs  make sure you cite sources of ideas carefully.

Section 1  Key Trends and Customer Patterns (800 words approx.)
The early part of this section is a summary of some key trends in internet banking  selected form the poster presentation. It might be concise summary of bank strategies; indication of market demand or size (with figures), brief outline of key consumer trends (which might be some discussion of market segments) or indication of present and future factors of influence; consideration of competitive drivers or future directions.
The second part of this overview should be specifically focused on particular consumer patterns. These might include customer attitudes (with reference to studies), customer frequency and usage patterns (with supporting data), issues or concerns that have arisen for customers (from sources); and expected future customer patterns, demand or needs.
When looking at customer patterns in past studies, try to bring out the specific issues that are most relevant and that you will be taking forward in your own research. Use supporting data for your arguments. The extent of published sources can be immense, so you need to be selective about what literature and industry sources are referred to in this section. Let three principles guide your choice: First, does the report / article/ source provide background necessary for the reader to understand your focus in the primary research. Second, do these publications summarize the main themes, issues or dimensions that frame your research. Third, is the overview of the sources selective in giving concise patterns with focus on interesting areas that link to your primary research.