Customer and neighbourhood services( resit) report on CUSTOMER INVOLVEMENT STRATEGY WITHIN THE WORKPLACE

this is resit paper neeed to met objectives in a systematic manner more introduction focused on the housing sector what key drivers are to resident involvement, discussion of approaches very muddled
how does this apply to the organisation
more on good pratcice of the organisation and reccomendations for improvement

needs to have a table of contents

and bibliography needs to have footnotes

please can this be written in a clear english style and follow info provided
protecting the public purse uk/pressoffice/pressreleases/pages/hammersmithandfulhamhomesprovides fairservices.aspx

cairncross l.claphamd&goddard,R Housing Mangement,consumers and citizens. Taylor&Francis,1997

H&F Homes 2009. Resident Involvement strategy 2009-2010. H&F Homes resident involvement objectives. (Online) available at http:/hfhomes