Customer relationship mangment in alirline industry

I would like a UK based writer.
I would also like them to use articles that are used in UK.
The primary data collectio that the writer will have to prepare a questionnaire and i will interview people and scan the results and send to them for analysis.
I will ask the writer to send me some stages, to show my supervisor and if there are any ammendements required. But, will notify them in a plenty of time.

The deadline would be the 30/03/2010, which is plenty of time for the writer.

Since i have not used this website before, I would like the writer to send me my specific aim and objectitives with a week.

Introduction within 4 weeks time to see the quality and progress further.


This section provides some guidelines concerning the structure and content of individual elements of the dissertation. Please note that it is essential the entire dissertation is strongly theoretically underpinned; details presented must be referenced to appropriate source documents using the Harvard citation style.

Clear statement of:
Study context
Overall aim
Approach adopted
Salient findings
Main Conclusions
Single line spaced

INTRODUCTION (Approximately 1,000 words)
Purpose of chapter
Outline of chapter structure
Rationale for study based on previous work in the area and/or new developments in the environment aimed at building a strong argument as to why the study is of importance/interest
Supported by relevant sources
Aims & Objectives:
Overall aim stated
Related objectives identified & importance to achievement of aim explained
Brief explanation of methodological framework adopted
Dissertation Structure:
Brief preview of subsequent chapters

LITERATURE REVIEW (Approximately 2,500 words)
Purpose of chapter
Justification of focus adopted
Outline of chapter structure
Organisation of theory with attention to structure & flow
Comprehensiveness of theoretical review
Detailed, critical & analytical discussion of relevant theory
Appropriate and accurate identification of sources
Quality sources
Breadth of sources (time span & nature eg journals, books, web sites)
Source of figures & tables fully disclosed
Summary & Implications:
Salient issues extracted and coherent discussion developed
Implications for study considered
Link to next chapter

METHODOLOGY (Approximately 2,500 words)
Purpose of chapter
Outline of chapter structure
Methodological Considerations:
Brief theoretically underpinned discussion of methodology & the role it plays in academic research
Discussion of salient design considerations with particular attention to research philosophies, methodologies & methods
Methodological Framework:
Paradigm identified & choice suitability justified
Approach identified, defined & suitability justified
Strategy identified, defined, described, critically assessed & justified
Time horizons identified & suitability justified
Data gathering tools identified, defined, described, critically assessed & justified (discussions should also include a description and critical analysis of secondary and primary data)
Data analysis described
Theoretically underpinned discussions that capture the research process adopted
To next chapter(s) evidenced

FINDINGS & DISCUSSION (Approximately 3,000 words)
Purpose of chapter
Outline of chapter structure
Study Context/Background:
Depends on nature of study but should be well structured and comprehensive (eg industry analysis, followed by introduction to the case subject including analysis of the phenomenon investigated )
Appropriately organised (coherent flow)
Links appropriately with aim & objectives of study
Adequate scope and depth (not superficial)
Main finding in relation to literature
To subsequent chapter

CONCLUSION (Approximately 1,500 words)
Purpose of chapter
Outline of chapter structure
Cyclical Closure:
Evaluation of extent of achievement of original aim & objectives
Primary Insights & Recommendations:

Evaluation of salient insights gained
Recommendations made/conclusions drawn
Discussion of contribution of study either to practice or theory development
Evaluation of strengths & weaknesses of overall study and implications
Further Research:
Avenues to take the study further

A single complete alphabetical listing of all sources cited in the text (including internet based sources) observing the stipulations of the Harvard Referencing System.
The detail provided must be accurate, complete and consistent in presentation
All detail presented in the text obtained from other sources (including theory and other literature such as newspaper data, organisational detail and industry statistics) must be disclosed using the surname, date convention (eg: Hammer and Champy, 1993) and further direct quotes should be presented with quotation marks and disclosure of the respective page number(s)
Recommended format & layout observed
Consistent formatting of headings & sub-headings
Effective use of headers & footers
Consistent & appropriate line & paragraph spacing
Consistent & appropriate labelling of figures & tables
Appendices labelled and numbered
Appendices referenced in text
Formal, academic & mature style
Good grammar free from spelling errors and carelessness