Customer segmentation , targeting, and positioning

this essay requires that you re-visit issues centred on marketing strategy development (segmentation, targeting an positioning STP) but more from the viewpoint of the sales function rather than solely from the viewpoint of the marketing function.
the essay requires that you can appreciate the similarities and differences ad potential overlap between marketing and sales. part of the essay is a repeat of the features and benefits exercise completed in essay 1.
however, here you are required to consider the product and its competition featured in the case study and clearly, this is not a product of your choice. this is now the reality f the world of work will present to you over the next year or two.
you will also be asked to consider all issues related to STP, but from a local perspective within a defined sales territory .
this essay does not have a word count limit, but it does have a space limit. you will be required to submit your essay, as a word document or as a PowerPoint document, in bullet point format, on no more than 12 slides of A4. each slide of A4 will need to follow a template. the template will be issued separately.