Customer service operation, the service process of Hilton Hotel

identify the service process of HILTON HOTEL.Note that you must have sufficient information to describe and analyse this service process.
The task is to describe, analyse and suggest improvements to the service process by drawing upon the appropriate theory, tools and/or techniques covered in this module.
Please be sure to:

1. Clearly identify the service process type (discuss volume/ variety).
2. Describe the service design (apply service blueprint).
3. Identify potential points of failure based upon your service blueprint.
4. Discuss how service quality is determined based upon application of SERVQUAL and walk-through audit.
5. Suggest how this can service be improved based on your analysis (you may wish to produce another service blueprint based on your suggestions).
a. Describe how technology could be used to improve the service.
6. Map the organisationas supply chain and discuss how your suggested improvements might affect it.

Referencing Requirements:
Please make sure to use all of these sources that i have listed below for referencing and some of your own. include 12 citations from 9 sources including the ones that i have listed below.

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