Cyber breaches occurring within the past 4 years

Operational Cyber Security Management
Mid-Term Individual Report

The objective of the Operational Cyber Security Management project for the mid-term is for each student to identify and analyze 8 cyber breaches occurring within the past 4 years from at least 5 well-known security reports, media, legal documents and other reputable resources (not Wikipedia). As an example, all of your cases cannot be from (1) resource you need to select cases from at least 5 resources.
By studying cases of actual breaches students will learn from what has happened in the past and how these breaches occurred. For the mid-term students are collecting and analyzing the breach data a NOT making security recommendations. At this mid-point students are collecting breach facts.
The final project is a team project where the student will work with a number of peers. In the final project, teams will be asked to make recommendations and provide other data based on the controls that have been studied in this course, the access control framework, the discussion threads, guest lecturers and the control labs completed.
Each case will be a different company. Students will use the eCollege system to report cases selected and to verify there is no duplication of cases of any peer student in this class.
The mid-term data collection phase of the project will include the following:
(1) Company name; industry; and size
(2) Explain the vulnerability and risk/loss value a what is reported as the short term impact and any long term effects
(3) Identify the control issues that allowed the breach to occur
(4) Identify any regulatory or legal guidelines that apply
(5) Analyze and organize the data collected in a report by category of breach
(6) Submit to the Unit 6 dropbox the individual student mid-term report (lastname_midterm_report)

Important NOTE: The information provided in the report should be your own work and not be a cut and paste from the resource or another source in print or online. The breach should be explained in your own words and where the actual data (dates, quantities, fine amount, number affected) may be used it should be listed in quotes. References to the source of the data should be provided with an in-text citation and listed on the reference list page using APA 6th edition format. Turnitin will be used to ensure academic integrity and that no submitted work is a cut and paste of already published information. Submissions with excessive quotes and limited to medium original wording will receive a failing grade. If you have any questions or concerns you should contact your professor prior to submission.

Report Format:

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Executive Summary / Abstract of what is included in the mid-term report
A? page to 1 page of content data on each breach included in the report organized by breach category
Closure and conclusion of the data within the report

8 Cases

Bartell Hotels 2014

Zendesk Breach 2013

Booz Allen Hamilton 2011

Vacationland 2011

Citigroup 2011

Fidelity National 2011

Wyndham Hotels 2012