Cytology and hematology case studies and lab report (disorder)

I study biomedical science and this is cytology and hematology case studies and lab report divided into 4 practicals… the first one is Immunohaemotology practical (blood tuoes). the second practical consists of (7) cases studies. the third one is about STAINING AND MICROSCOPIC EVALUATION OF LBC CERVICAL SAMPLES . the fourth is about IMMUNOLOCALISATION OF PSA IN HUMAN PROSTATE…

Anyway i will upload all the files which explains everything.

Harvard referencing should be used. The most important thing you must iclude references in the text. (do not forget that please).

NB: The assignment go under write check web side for similarity and plagiarisim so
must be written in your own words.
The inclusion of any plagiarised information (diagrams or text that are included without
suitable referencing, or that are copied and pasted from either course
materials or external sources) will (a) not demonstrate your
understanding of the topic and (b) result in this assessment being issued
with a mark of ZERO and being reported as a case of alleged unfair

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that their work does not
contain plagiarised material.

not that : if the similarity more than 15% when i check under write check website the work not accepting and as well if you late over the deadline the work not accepting too. Because after 4 days i should submit it on time however i need to revise it as well.