D Printing in Architecture depends on tessellation

Hi there,
I am looking for a good writer who can help me write my final dissertation which will be submitted as final assessment. So it is very important and it decides whether i can graduate successfully this semester.
My degree names Master of Arts in visual arts ( MAVA ). My major is 3D Printing. And my supervisor gives me a research topic which is the Tessellation”. It could be used in architecture exterior/interior/ furniture/decreation and so on.
Major is 3D Printing. Topic is tessellation. Area is architecture. So this dissertation has to combine 3D printing, architecture and tessellation.
This is why we call it 3D Printing in Architecture depends on tessellation.
The more referances the better. And l live in Australia, plz use references which i can find them in Aus.
This is because last time another writer used too many American old journals and news papers which i cannot find them in Aus. So my tutor thought thats not my own work. And if you would use many things from webs, plz send web links to me and let me check whether i can open them here.