Dangers of cell phone for children, preteens and teens

This bibliography will be for my final grade so please please please do not copy from the internet or I will be in big trouble with my instructor. br /
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the instructor wants me to write a bibliography about the dangers of cell phone for children, preteens and teens and I have to write it with first the introduction, bibliography and finally the conclusion through these points just these points:br /
1If children, preteens or teens have cell phone, they may use it to access to bad websites.br /
2The cell phones have radiations and physical effects.br /
3they may prank text and harass others.br /
4cell phones does cost parents also when they provide them to their children.br /
5they could access to people whom are older, sexual and make dates with them.br /
6they can use the cell phone for sexting with people.br /
7they can access to social networking by facebook.br /
8they can lie about their age.br /
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NOTES: my instructor wants to have to sources of sites:br /
1from the internet.br /
2hard copies which you can find the PDF files from