Day care in the chicago, IL downtown area

I will need a paper with the following contents about a daycare based on information below. For demographic are I would like graphs.

Situational Analysis Section 2.0
Market Summary Section 2.1
Market Demographics/Psychographics Section 2.1.1
Market Needs Section 2.1.2
Market Trends Section 2.1.3
Product or Service Idea: Day Care
Is your product or service offered by:
____an existing company?
_X___a new company imagined for the assignment?
Explanation: I would like to create a Day care with monthly daily and hourly rates with option to extend into evening and weekend hours depending on the demand.
What problem are you solving a whatas your product or service value proposition?
Reliable sitter when needed without a lot of prior notice or set hours.
Who do you think is the target audience(s)?
(Remember you will need research to confirm this a and you should have secondary and tertiary targets)
Working parents and single mother of various occupations with nontraditional hours scramble to find child care that spans their work shifts along with couples looking to have a night out.
Are similar or competitive products or services available? List or briefly describe a similar product or service: There are daycares around the neighborhood but none that will provide extended evening or weekend hours.
How will your product or service differ from competitors? What is your distinctive competitive advantage?
The daycare will have extended evening and weekend hours.

Market Growth Section 2.1.4
Market Research Section 3.8