Dealing with congress after midterm elections

the republicans control the House and our democratic majority in the Senate has been trimmed.i need some advice what do you think my best plan is to maintain my power, my policies, and my ability to win re election in two years? i want you to provide some recommendations on how i should act with respect to this new Congress. since you are an expert in this area please address the following: explain clearly what advantages or Weaponsi have as president in my relations with congress, also explain what advantages or Weaponscongress has in its relation with me. what use of my Weaponswill help me the most? what do i have most to fear from congress?

explain clearly what posture i should take with respect to the congressional Republicans. should i oppose what they want? should i agree with them? should i accept some of their proposals and not others? be as specific as you can,

id like to hear what a couple of experts outside the west wing are thinking,so include in your analysis two properly cited sources and tell me what they are saying. do they make sense or not?

must be double spaced size 12 font times new roman