Decision making on Cesim website Global Challenge”

required to us to talk about what we learned from decision making. course subject is Strategic Management and Business Policy Simulation”

our teacher need from us to talk about our decision making from round 1 to 3 and what we lean from our decision on cesim website. He need to know if we are understand and know if we know what we are doing and each definition of these Strategic and decisions steps.

we do some decision all time on this game to learning decision making and how we can win with good profit.
we did round 1,2,3. until now.

what i need is to write about our team on this decision and explain to my teacher how we did and talk about it and what we learn from decision from round 1 to 3.

i will attach some file to help you to understand this decision making and some paper to know what this website is for.

you can log in by my user and see result too to help you for explain our result too for explain how we did with our team.

website :

user name :
password : w84725252e

see attach file. our team is The Champions”, when you looking at results for teams in the website when you login, compare our team with other to know where is our position too with other teams.