Decleration of sentiments and resolutions

Prompt: Re-Read The Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions by Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Practical Argument (pgs. Pgs 775-777), and write a rhetorical analysis considering the rhetorical situation (see pgs 92-97, Practical Argument), the use of the three appeals mainly focusing on ethos and pathos. When writing about ethos, consider the model that Stanton drew her speech from. When discussing pathos consider the evidence she supplies and the historical context. You may use textual evidence from The Declaration of Independence

How to Organize the Paper:Use of in-text citations
Include a Works Cited (You have to cite your primary text.)
600-750 Words, (excluding Works Cited)
No Outside Sources!
The only texts allowed are Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions and The Declaration of Independence