Define consumer benefit, market segment and market size of a theatre(for a real case)

Write a paragraph (using concise language or every dot points to define consumer benefit, market segment and market size of Hopgood theatre) introduction is NOT needed.

Requirement (information need to be included)

1 Consumer benefit
Analyse the outcomes the purchaser/ consumer are seeking? These may be benefits, fulfillment of needs and wants, solutions to a problem, elimination of an irritation or frustration. There are usually both rational and emotional components. The product or service is the means to the outcome for the purchaser/customer. Thus, this section does not contain product features.(consumers donat buy attributes of a product but their benefits/satisfaction)

2 Market segment
Describe the group of people who are seeking the outcomes in ways that differentiate them from all other people. List their exact traits. This should be done in terms of lifestyle, activities, interests, attitudes, opinions and their demographic characteristics (ie census-type data such as age, sex, income, marital status)

3 Market size
Estimate the number of people/organizations who are in the market segment, ie who are seeking the end you have identified. Also, state the size in terms of sales (units and/ or dollars) and growth rate.