Demonstrate how the free market and private initiative produce results that are superior to state-owned system

This is for Term paper, can be about any country, industry or company. The only requirement is that it needs to demonstrate how the free market and private initiative produce results that are superior to state-owned system.
When you decide topic which are any country, industry or company, please let me know.

Recommended Texts:
Coase, Ronald H, 1960, The Problem of Social Cost. Journal of Law and Economics 3 (1960): 1-44.
Shleifer Andrei and Treisman Daniel, 2000, Without a Map. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.
Boycko Maxim, Shlifer Andrei, and Vishny Robert, 1995, Privatizing Russia. Cambridge, MA:MIT Press

Objectives: The course addresses current issues in economics of transition in general,
and provides specific applications to Eastern European countries. Economic behavior
under socialism is reviewed; socialistic and capitalistic systems of economic production
organization are compared. Transition challenges are discussed, and stylized facts of
transition formulated. Topics include: political economy of reforms, liberalization and the
macroeconomic environment, financial intermediation, privatization and enterprise
restructuring, legal reform, institutional change, variation in economic performance
across countries, enlargement of the European Union to transition countries.
We discuss the Washington consensus and evolutionary-institutionalist perspective on the
transition, and compare them. The course emphasizes the importance of economic
institutions and democratic government for economic development. Special attention is
given to the subject of institutional developments (financial intermediation, legal system
and taxation, economic regulations, monetary policy and institutions, contractual law and
its interplay with international trade and international financial architecture).