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Think of an actual interpersonal relationship in your life that could benefit from a better understanding of specific interpersonal communication topics that are discussed in class/textbook.

Through your school library online research database, you must choose a peer reviewed communication journal article from one of the following research topics: Nonverbal communication (Chapter 2), Verbal communication (Chapter 3), Computer mediated communication (Chapters 1-4), and Self-concept (Chapter 4).

Be careful not to choose a review or a qualitative research article. If you do not see RQs (research questions), Hs (hypotheses), and statistical data in an article, it is very likely that you are choosing a wrong article (quantitative research article) for this assignment. Choosing a wrong article will make this assignment a lot harder for you to complete, and if you did not complete your assignment correctly, you will receive a lower grade. If you are not sure if your article is a review, or qualitative/quantitative article, please ask me or a communication tutor in the Lab as soon as possible.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to complete this assignment:

1) Through your school library online research database, use search term phrases to help you find an article. The specific instructions on how to use the library database is attached to this handout. Make sure the article is from a peer reviewed communication journal from the List of Research Journals in the Field of Communication (textbook, p. 336). If you chose an article from a peer reviewed journal that is not on the list, you will receive an F on this assignment. No exceptions. Check the journal name very carefully!

2) Print the entire article. You are required to attach a full-text of your article to your paper. Read the article, focusing on the Introduction and Discussion sections. Then, answer the following questions to demonstrate your understanding of the research findings.

(5 points) List your journal reference in APA Style. See the attached APA examples closely.
(5 points) State which research topic you have chosen (such as nonverbal communication, self-concept, etc.). Then, in your OWN words, explain what the researchers are examining in this study (located in introduction of the article).
(5 points) Describe the results of the study in your OWN words (located in the discussion section of the article).
(5 points) Explain one particular interpersonal relationship of yours you chose for this assignment. Explain specifically with examples/situations what communication problems/issues you are experiencing in this relationship. Be as specific as possible.
(20 points) Apply the information from the result of the research article to your interpersonal relationship described above. Relate the findings of the research to analyze the communication problems/issues in your relationship you described above (a?According to the researchers, a¦.. This explains whya¦., becausea¦.a?). Please do not refer to the literature review you find in the article, because that is not the result of the research study you read. As you relate the research result to your relationship, explain thoroughly why and how the information from the article applies to your relationship. In addition, explain how the information will help you improve the problems/issues you are experiencing in this particular relationship. Be sure to provide specific examples that would support your analysis.
(5 points) Describe what other relationships in your life could benefit from the same information. Provide specific examples/situations.
(5 points) Attach a printed, well-read, and highlighted/underlined/commented full-text article to your paper. If you attach a clean (no sign that you actually read it) printed article, you will not receive any points.

3) Submit your paper to by 1 p.m. on your due date. If you failed to do so, I will not grade your paper. No kidding. Do not submit a printed full-text journal article to
4) Get a manila folder with a tab. Write your name and class time (9:35 a.m., for example) on the tab. Place a hardcopy of your stapled paper and a printed full-text journal article (stapled or paper-clipped, depending on the length/thickness of the article) in the prepared manila folder, and give it to me in class on the due date. If not stapled/paper-clipped/in the folder, I will not accept/grade your paper.

Additional Requirements
The sample papers are available in the Communication Lab. I highly recommend you to read the sample papers so that you will know what I expect from you.
Write in a a?numberinga? format, NOT in an essay format. See the sample papers.
Your paper must be typed, double spaced, 1 inch margins, and in black ink. Please use 12-point Times New Roman font. Use no extra spaces between paragraphs.
You MUST choose your journal article according to the topics listed above.
Again, your article MUST be from a communication journal that is listed on the List of Research Journals in the Field of Communication (textbook, p. 336). If you did not, you will receive a 0 point on this assignment. No exceptions. In case of doubt, please check with me or communication lab tutor.
Read the full text, not just an abstract.
This assignment is worth 50 points.

How to Search the Library Database for Research Assignments
1. Decide on a topic you are interested and you can relate to your relationship from the list of interpersonal communication topics provided for this assignment. List your search terms on a separate sheet of paper and cross them off as you use them.
2. Go to the SBCC Luria Library web site term from the appropriate textbook chapter
It may be a good idea to make a list of your possible search terms and cross them off as you use them.
5. Under a?Limit your Resultsa? check a?Peer Reviewed Journals.a? Please be aware that 70% of the articles are available online in full text. The remaining may be available in the Communication Lab (visit lab for a list), or in the Library. If you would only like to find complete articles that are available online then under a?Limit Your Resultsa? check a?Full Text.a? Using the icons at the upper left hand corner, you can print, save, email the document, or add it to a folder of articles you are saving, as long as you have created an account.
6. Make sure the article you choose comes from one of the journals listed in your textbook, Chapter 11, p. 336. Check the journal title very carefully!

APA (American Psychological Association) Style References

Last name, First name initial. Middle name initial. (publication year). Article title with only first
letter in first word in caps. Journal Title in Italics and Caps in First Letters of Words, volume number in italics(issue number), page numbers.