Describe the history and development of User Centric Design Process]

This research paper is for my Interactive Media and Society IM1110 class.

Here is the instruction, I also uploaded the complete pdf instructions and some materials about User Centric Design Process if that is helpful.

Option 1. A written Research Paper that is 4 -5 Pages. * All papers must be cited for references, images, and quotes. Citations should follow the paper, and are not included in the word count.
Select a theme from one of the following two topics. Be sure to include citations of referenced materials.
1. Describe the history and development of User Centric Design Process also known as Goal Directed Design. Give s description of how the use of this method of design has impacted on how devices/websites/apps usability. Describe with clear examples of one or two devices, websites or apps and how the popularity and adoption by the public is increased with the design process. This description may require contrasting the newer with older implementations of the type of device, service or app. * If you use images, increase the number of pages. (You should have roughly 1500 words.)