Description of classroom communities and your own experience(please see the details in the instruction below carefully, thanks:))

1.Description of classroom communities:
Describe how Ladson-Billings, Meier, and Kliewer believe that the best classrooms are ones in which teachers attempt to develop a community of participants.
In such classrooms, students learn to be supportive of one another. How do each of the authors describe ways in which teachers accomplish the creation of community? Utilize the Kimmel article in your reader to help inform your understanding of Ladson-Billings.
2.Reflect on your own experiences in school. Be specific in your descriptions of these experiences.
a. Briefly describe a teacher or classroom situation where there was a particularly strong community (a sense of belonging, of sharing, of being part of common experiences, of having obligations to each other).
b.What teacher actions may have helped these to form?
c.Be sure to relate them to what you have read in Ladson-Billings, Meier, and Kliewer.