Developing an argumentative essay from the critical analysis essay Banksy Exit Through The Gift Shop h The Gift Shop

This essay is based on Banksy Exit through The Gift Shop which the writer #77843 (nina) has done before So I prefer if this writer would do that,it will be easy.1/ I need the THE ROUGH GRAFT OR THE PROCESS DOCUMENTS while the writer is using when developing the essay( send me back becuase the teacher need it )k (Even if you have the previouse drafts for the same essay Bansy exit through the gift shop ritical esay i need it please) 2/ I will send you the full attachment of the paper so you follow the instruction from the it.3/ while you do it please do not forget to avoid using some advanced types of vocabularies rather try to use vocabularie you think the nonenative speakres use(common words) 5/cited work should be in a separet page and it should be from 3 sources use the internet but not . wekipedia 6/ I need it by thursday 5/5/11 please friday 5/6/11 will be submission day so I have to see it before that since there will be a presentation 7/ it should be in 12 roman fonts and double space if I have something to say I will contact you then. 8/ it will be okay if the # pages exceed 4 pages