Developing in old age care-home care in uk

Iam international student who studying on pre master course in university in England, so my English in writing is terrible i need to write some mistake per purpose therefore my tutor will not notice .I have assignment to write case study about changing in old age carehome care in The uk or developing in old age care home care in The uk. I need to write 600 words on case study with use four reference article but I have to check if the article which you going to write in the university database because my tutor asked me to use article from the university database, also I need to write 150 words for to reference to say why I use them in the assignment but I need them not now just I need the case study these two days ,could you sent to my the article and highlight the area what you use after you finish ,can I have first draft with many mistake and second draft.
I sent on word file pictures of information from my hand book ,a structure , a style, phrases to use, more important example to follow it.